Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanks is for Giving (A '31 Days' Post)

Prompt: Thanks

Today has been a very “blah” day. The kind where lack of sleep, ornery hormones, and a string of difficult days collide for the perfect storm. Suddenly I wonder when life grew so bleak. How appropriate that today’s prompt is “thanks.”

“Thanks is for giving” I just read recently, and giving thanks is just the discipline I need today. So I am thankful… thankful that our feelings do not dictate reality and that we don’t have to let them boss us around. Thankful that all the unknowns I face right now are so heavily outweighed by the great Known in my life. Thankful that I have a secure foundation even on my worst blah-days. 

I am thankful that a comfortable bed awaits me, and for night that brings a necessary pause to the activity of the day. I am thankful that new mercies await me tomorrow morning. I am thankful for a forgiving family that shows me compassion and mercy on the difficult days.

I am thankful for nighttime walks with my best friend, and thankful that he asked me to share this life together with him. I am thankful for the breeze that soothes my frazzled nerves and weary heart. I am thankful for the perspective that is brought by a magical view of the moon playing behind the clouds. 

I am thankful for fresh starts and new days. I am thankful for the gift of rest. I am thankful for the healing effect of wrestling with words until they make me know myself and my world better. I am thankful for the challenge to make time for that process and to share these words, imperfections and all. 

I am continuing on with my Write 31 Days theme of "31 Days to Slowing Down and Living More Simply" with reflections based on my reading of Emily P. Freeman's book Simply Tuesday and the prompts given at the FMFW page. My "Five Minute Free Write" portion will be enclosed with // and any extra thoughts will follow.

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