Sunday, October 30, 2016

Confronting Sin with Love

Prompt: Confront

// Confrontation has become a taboo word in our society of relativism and morals that promote not offending anyone above all else. Even in the church, where we mentally adhere to a fixed standard of morality rather than a relativism that embraces whatever someone feels like as a basis for discerning correct behavior, we are slipping in practice. 

Frequently these days I hear phrases like, “I just feel like God was telling me…” and “I know God wants me to be happy so…” When these sentences end with a thought or decision that clearly goes against God’s clearly revealed will in His word then we have a big problem, and one that needs to be confronted.

Yet confrontation seems so hateful in our present context.  We don’t want to make anyone feel bad so we decline to seek their highest good, through confrontation of issues that are harmful to them, in favor of making them feel better and maybe so they will like us more. //

This is not love. This is selfishness, foolishness, and cowardice. If we love someone we will confront any moral problems we see in their life, calling them for what they are and stepping alongside them on the journey to dealing with those issues. 

Perhaps one of the reasons that we see all confrontation as hateful is because we do see so much hate, or at least anger, combined with confrontation. But where hate or selfishness is the instigator when  vocalizing these issues, perhaps “blaming” and “shaming” and even “emotional stoning” would be a better choice of words than confrontation. 

If we can find the courage and hope in Christ to come to those we love with any necessary confrontation, in order to seek their good, then we can be a tool in God’s hands for bringing truth that frees. Because the truth always frees us, even if it is a hard truth to hear.

If someone comes to you in love, sincerely desiring your good, and confronts you on a particular issue, then take courage and know that you have a true friend and comrade on your side! Praise God for such a one who would risk himself, through risking your displeasure and a strain in your relationship which is clearly valued in this case, for the sake of your benefit. No greater love has no man than this.

I am continuing on with my Write 31 Days theme of "31 Days to Slowing Down and Living More Simply" with reflections based on my reading of Emily P. Freeman's book Simply Tuesday and the prompts given at the FMFW page. My "Five Minute Free Write" portion will be enclosed with // and any extra thoughts will follow.

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