31 Days

A year ago I noticed an acquaintance did this "31 Days" blogging thing in October. I seemed to recall that she got a prompt from somewhere and wrote on it every day for the month. I read a few of them and it seemed like a fun idea. Then I forgot about it.

Fast forward to the very end of September a few days ago and I suddenly got the urge to challenge myself and exercise my writing brain. So I began a VERY BIG LEARNING process and started in on the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes project for some inspiration and a kick in the pants to just write something, anything each day. Then a few days in to this I learned about the Write 31 Days project to write every day on a specific theme. So I linked up to that, too, and chose to write on "31 Days to Slowing Down and Living More Simply" because I am working through Emily P. Freeman's book "Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast Moving World." 

It has been so much fun, taking the prompts from the FMFW project and writing my reflections based on the material in "Simply Tuesday." Often my writing takes me in a completely different direction than I anticipated, but it always challenges me to think more deeply about life, develop those thoughts more fully, and be careful to be authentic as I share part of myself with the world. Well, with the handful of people who read any of this. :) 

So below are links to each day of the project and inside those links are some very unedited thoughts that I hope will bless someone and honor the One who made me with a drive to think deeply and process verbally.

Day 1 - Walk

Day 2 - The Master Painter

Day 3 - No Longer Hiding

Day 4 - Brewing Life

Day 5 - Silence Within

Day 6 - An Existential Crisis in 5 Minutes

Day 7 - The Scariest Test

Day 8 - Too Much of a Good Thing

Day 9 - Two Inches by One  

Day 10 - The Power of the Known 

Day 11 - Thanks is for Giving 

Day 12 - For Aleppo 

Day 13 - Aware of the Art that is Now

Day 14 - The Mail Trials of an Introverted Expat 

Day 15 - The Gift of Language 

Day 16 - Cherishing the Little 

Day 17 - A Study in Love 

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